Summary on Holwray attends the Conference of “2016 International Forefront of Progress in Digestion”

During April 8 - 10, the “2016 International Forefront of Progress in Digestion” was held in Beijing Asia Hotel. Over 200 doctors and scholars around China attended the meeting and exchanged ideas on forefront progress in digestive medicine. Holwray as a participating enterprise attended this meeting in the whole process. The eye-catching and beautiful booth, Holwray product (Compound Bismuth and Magnesium Granules) circulars, thesis compilation and product knowledge lottery items attracted lots of audiences. More than 50 audiences specially came to take a group photo in front of Holwray booth. A total of 200 boxes of Compound Bismuth and Magnesium Granules were all given out.

Among them, the lottery circle of spreading product knowledge of Compound Bismuth and Magnesium Granules is most attractive. This game set up 8 awards, which cover 8 knowledge points on Compound Bismuth and Magnesium Granules respectively. Many an audience came for more than one time to attend the lottery circle, so they got a deeper and intuitive understanding over this drug while interacting with Holwray booth. What’s more, many audiences came to Holwray booth specially to ask for thesis compilations on Compound Bismuth and Magnesium Granules, showing great interest in Holwray and Compound Bismuth and Magnesium Granules.

In the future, Holwray will continue to participate in and support such academic activities and is willing to work together with experts, scholars and peers at home and abroad to promote the further development of digestive medicine.