Holwray Sales Conference in the First Quarter of 2017 held smoothly

In late spring, catkins float down gently and flowers fall down on the ground, accompanying rich aroma.

During April 5 - 8, 2017, the First Quarter Sales Conference of Holwray in 2017 was held in Mayita Conference Center by the south side of Kunming Lake around the theme of “Breaking Through Tight Encirclement, Be Winner of Life” and laid a in-depth bedding with “2017 second quarter sales plan” as the main line. Successively, Director Cui from the Marketing Department analyzed the medicine situation at home and abroad and Director Song of the Medicine Department made training on the pathogenesis of stress ulcers. Moreover, the meeting also organized a debate competition. Managers from all provinces and regions carried out a drastic debate on the two-ticket system in the market, academic activities and other hot topics and were much clearer about their working direction at the same time. With the production of the third goods-fleeing autonomous group, the meeting was ending. Finally, Deputy General Manager from the Marketing Center made a summary statement.

The following are wonderful moments on the meeting.