Academy Comes First before Pharmacy Promotion – Report on Beijing Golden Elephant Pharmacy Training Activities

On May 24, 2017, Holwray Marketing Department carried out the product training titled “Golden Elephant Pharmacy joins hands with Holwray to restart the beautiful life of patients with stomach diseases” at the headquarters of Beijing Golden Elephant Pharmacy Medicine Chain Co., Ltd. A total of 60 or more practicing pharmacists from Golden Elephant stores participated in this training.

Before the training, the marketing department decorated the training room carefully, displayed the academic brand image of the company’s Compound Bismuth and Magnesium Granules through pop-up display stands, banners, posters, Roll up Banners, etc., and prepared small exquisite gifts for pharmacists – succulents, which surprise the pharmacists so much that they can hardly bear to put them down. Through training on the pathogenesis and therapeutic principle of stomach diseases, as well as on the mechanism of action of Compound Bismuth and Magnesium Granules on the treatment of stomach diseases, and its safety advantages, pharmacists have a deeper understanding to this medicine and they put forward questions and interacted with the trainer warmly after the explanation.

Holwray academic activities are taking place fierily, so that more doctors and pharmacists can learn about the academic trends and the advantages of Compound Bismuth and Magnesium Granules and provide much safer and more effective therapeutic drugs for patients with stomach diseases. We are all willing to devote some love and strength to the health of patients.