Announcement on Suspension of the Relevant Provisions on Electronic Supervision of Pharmaceuticals in the Bulletin of No. 1 in 2015 (No. 40 of 2016)

We hereby specially notify that in view of China Food and Drug Administration is seeking public opinions about the revision of the part about drug electronic supervision in the Good Supply Practice for Pharmaceutical Products according to the requirements of the General Office of the State Council in Opinions on Accelerating the Promotion of the Construction of an Important Product Traceability System (Guo Ban Fa [2015] No. 95), relevant provisions on electronic supervision of traditional Chinese medicine in the Announcement on Pharmaceutical Production and Operation Enterprises Shall Fully Implement Relevant Issues about Drug Electronic Supervision issued by China Food and Drug Administration (No. 1 of 2015) shall be suspended temporarily.

China Food and Drug Administration

February 20, 2016