Company Culture

Corporate Culture

Vision: establish an excellent pharmaceutical brand and become a century-old health industry

Build a brand monument of the medical and health industry and spread health based on the needs of the public.
Carry forward the spirit of keeping improving, and concentrate on creating the best products and services.
Cultivate a people-oriented value orientation, accept and discover able people and put them at suitable posts, and achieve an evergreen foundation.

Core values: responsibility, innovation and excellence

Responsibility - act proactively and take responsibilities.

Responsibility has supreme value, which is a great character and in the highest position among all values. - Emerson

Be dedicated and diligent. Since in this position, you must be conscientious, do your duty and show your ability.
Interactive learning gathers the wisdom and strength of all people to build a high-quality team with proactive personality.
Never lose heart in front of failure; never flinch in front of difficulties; and never quail in front of challenges. Through thick and thin, we share the same fate with the enterprise.

Innovation--Learn with indefatigable zeal, maintain the correct and evolve the new.

Youthful vitality comes with continuous transformation and innovation. Otherwise, it would become rigid. ---Goethe

To study and you will know your weakness. To think and you will gain foresight. Stick to walking the talk, grow up through learning and innovate in practice.
Stimulate innovation impetus, dare to challenge authority, be a curious learner; and optimize the backward modes that restrict development.
Keep pace with the times, innovate and develop, and adapt to and lead the new normal of industry development.

Excellence--Keep alive and strive for perfection.

The essence of a man lies in his will to pursue. When one pursuit is satisfied, a new one begins and the cycle never ends. ---Schopenhauer

Keep pursuing excellence and perfection.
Maintain an insatiable enterprising spirit, uphold the ingenious attitude of keeping improving, and make continuous progress.
Never forget the original aspiration and the bits and pieces. Take stock of the past, stand in the present and face the future.