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Pleasant office and cultural environment

It hammers at providing employees with a vibrant, comfortable and harmonious working environment.

Perfect talent training system

The Company serves as not only a stage to realize one's dream, but also a school where employees can get continuous training and many opportunities to learn and grow. This is helpful for them to improve themselves and develop their careers in the future.

Competitive salary system

Its consistent goal is to allow employees to share the operating results with the enterprise and have competent employees secure corresponding high salaries.

Sound welfare system

The Company pays close attention to employees' welfare. Besides providing them with various social insurances stipulated by the State, we also make a variety of benefits for them. Moreover, it will formulate long-term incentive plans in line with its development, in an effort to continuously improve their welfare.

Superior and aggressive enterprise culture

Since its presence, the Company has been advocating and practicing the core values of responsibility, innovation and excellence, and has always held the vision of "building an excellent pharmaceutical brand and being a century-old health industry" to repay the society with love and high quality.

Grand blueprint shows a bright future

Thanks to its efficient and safe products, clear market prospects, advanced management mode and excellent corporate culture, the Company will provide you with not only an opportunity to work, but also a good platform to make remarkable results in your career.

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