R&D Center

R D Center

Overview of R&D Center

In the R&D Center, information collection, selection and project approval are made by experienced specialists in clinical medicine and pharmaceutical professionals; work related to drug administration is finished by senior professionals familiar with China's medical regulations and new drug declaration; and technique development and preparation is completed by pharmaceutical personnel with rich experience in analysis and preparation and mastering advanced technology in this field.

The R&D Center boasts a group of specialized scientific researchers who serve the Company on new drugs on a long-term basis; It enjoys perfect and advanced experimental equipment and instruments; It also features a sound, scientific and standardized scientific research operation mechanism. Meanwhile, scientific research workstations have been set up there to train talents and to create a good environment for their growth.

Humanized management, professional facilities and good working atmosphere have led to top-ranking performance.

Experimental facility

The R&D Center attaches great importance to the construction and investment of laboratory hardware facilities. Since its establishment, it has been equipped with several imported HPLC, GC, UV, thin layer chromatography scanner, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, infrared spectrophotometer and other precision instruments and equipment.

Direction of R&D Center

Along with the development orientation of the Company in health industry, the main work directions of the R&D Center fall in: Targeted at antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, respiratory, digestive, endocrine and other diseases with a high incidence in China, we will gradually develop innovative drugs with independent intellectual property rights.

Clinical trial: As the final stage of new drug research and development, it plays an important role in the new drug development, in which human beings are regarded as the subject of research.

Process improvement: Efforts to further improve the production process and technology of the Company's existing products.