Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Safety production

As an enterprise which has always kept the word quality in mind, HOLWRAY has formulated a series of safety production management systems. The Company adheres to the system of daily inspection and monthly inspection of production safety to ensure timely detection of potential safety hazards as well as quick rectification to eliminate such hazards. Meanwhile, HOLWRAY will carry out periodic safety inspections to ensure safety in production from the aspects of laws, regulations and national policies.

Environmental protection

Shouldering environmental protection as its own duty, HOLWRAY classifies and collects the waste liquid, waste residue and expired chemicals generated from experiments in accordance with laws and regulations, thus protecting our environment. It will, as always, focus on environmental protection, actively fulfill its social responsibilities and make due contributions to the protection of our common homeland.

Occupational health

HOLWRAY attaches great importance to the occupational health protection of employees, carries out work related to occupational health in strict accordance with the Code of Occupational Disease Prevention of PRC and relevant regulations of the Company, and actively creates a working environment conducive to the health of employees. In addition, the Company has strengthened on-site management of occupational health, stepped up inspection and supervision over posts exposed to toxic and harmful materials, carried out training and publicity of health-related knowledge, and equipped employees with labor protection articles in strict accordance with regulations; besides, all staff at the headquarters of the Company are regularly checked for health to ensure their health.

Business ethics and anti-corruption

HOLWRAY adheres to a zero tolerance attitude towards any form of corruption. The Company always adheres to the principle of integrity and honesty in its business operations, and strictly abides by the applicable laws and regulations and the highest standards of business ethics in each place where it operates. We believe that taking the Company's values as the criterion and carrying out business legally serve as the very basis of development, so we require every employee to follow these guidelines.

Compliance with local laws and regulations

HOLWRAY takes economic, social and environmental factors in the production, operation and decision-making process into account, and strictly abides by the laws and regulations of the places where it runs businesses. Since its start, the Company has always kept to its reputation and paid taxes according to law. It operates in good faith and maintained a favorable reputation. In addition to devoting itself to the development of the Company, HOLWRAY has always been concerned about social issues, tried to repay customers and protect the environment, and actively assumed social responsibilities.