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Service conditions

Access to and use of this website shall be subject to the following conditions. Please do not use it unless you agree to them. This website is developed and managed by [Holwray Pharmaceutical (China) Co., Ltd.] (hereinafter referred to as Holwray). We reserve the right not to provide this website, or to modify this website or conditions of use, our general terms and conditions, and our terms of sale and delivery in whole or in part. It should be noted that we may make such alterations at our discretion without prior notice. Therefore, we request you to read the conditions again and pay attention to any changes or amendments when visiting this website next time.

Waiver of use and benefits

All contents, documents and illustrations published on this website are the exclusive property of Holwray. The use of such property is permitted on the premise that the relevant copyright is displayed on all copies, and that the content is only for personal purposes instead of commercial use, and that the content cannot be changed in any way, and that all illustrations obtained from the website can only be used with the relevant text.

Trademarks and copyright

Unless otherwise noted or indicated to be the rights of a third party, all trademarks on this website are Holwray's property. The use of such trademarks or other materials is prohibited without due authorization, otherwise it would constitute a violation of copyright, trademark act or other industrial property rights.

Special conditions for prescription drugs and related medical information

Information on prescription drugs and medical information (if any) on this website are provided or authorized to be reproduced by Holwray, but are only for healthcare professionals to read and use. If you are not a healthcare professional, please stop reading all information on Holwray's prescription drugs and medical information. The prescription drugs listed on this website can only be obtained with the advice of doctors or qualified healthcare professionals; nevertheless, not all products are available in all countries. No information on this website shall be deemed as medical diagnosis for individuals or patient-specific treatment advice provided by Holwray. You should always obtain complete medical information about your prescription drugs (including their beneficial effects and possible adverse reactions) by directly discussing with your doctor or other healthcare professionals the appropriate use of them. Healthcare professionals may access to complete medical information from Holwray product specifications, while the specifications for these products may vary in different countries. In addition, Holwray is under restrictions in accordance with China's current laws and regulations from directly providing information and/or responding to patients' questions about prescription products. However, Holwray will make answers available for questions raised by qualified medical professionals in accordance with local regulations.


This website is not designed to report pharmacovigilance cases and collect product complaints. Please reach Holwray at wangchengcheng@holwray.com. if you have any questions about the pharmacovigilance of Holwray products.

Product liability

Holwray has prudently edited the detailed information provided on this website with internal and external resources to the best of its knowledge, and we strive to continuously expand and update information in this aspect. The information in this website is only for the purpose of display of Holwray and/or its products and services. Nonetheless, no express or implied statement or warranty will be provided regarding the completeness or correctness of the information herein. It should be noted that although this information is accurate at the date of its release, it may not be up to date. Therefore, it is advised that you check any information on this website before using it in any manner. Please reach us directly if you would like to seek for any advice or guidance on our products or services. Users of this website declare that they covenant to bear the risk of accessing this website and its contents. Holwray, along with the third parties participating in formulating, producing or sending this website, shall not be liable for the damage or injury caused by the fact that they visit or cannot visit this website, use or cannot use this website, or users rely on the information provided herein.

Website/link of the third-party supplier

This website includes the link to the third-party website. These links herein does not indicate Holwray agrees with their content. Holwray does not assume any liability for the usability or content of these websites, nor does it take any liability for the damage or injury caused by the use of such content. Holwray does not guarantee that the linked pages will provide information of the same quality. Links provided to users of this website is for convenience only. Users shall bear the risk of accessing these websites at their own. The choice of links by no means intends to limit users to the pages to be linked.

Content provided by the users themselves

Users of this website shall be fully liable for the content they send to Holwray and its correctness, and also ensure that they does not infringe any third party rights that may be contained in such content. Users agree that Holwray stores such content and use it for statistical analysis or for any other specific commercial purposes, unless the information contains personal data and does not belong to master data or common data. In particular, Holwray, for any purpose such as developing, producing and/or promoting products or services, is entitled to employ the content of such information, including the ideas, inventions, blueprints, techniques and skills contained therein, and to copy the information and provide it to third parties without restriction.

International users

This website is viewed, operated and updated by Holwray in the People's Republic of China. It is specially developed for use in PRC. Holwray does not ensure that the content provided on this website is correct outside PRC. In particular, Holwray does not guarantee to provide products or services of the same form or size or on the same conditions. If you call this website or download content from outside PRC, it should be noted that you should bear your own responsibility to ensure that your actions do not violate the local laws applicable to the region.

The products mentioned in this website may be packaged in different forms, sizes or with different characters or marks from country to country.

Applicable laws

Any legal claim or lawsuit related to this website or its use shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the People's Republic of China.

Forward-looking statements

Forward-looking statements made by Holwray will be contained in this website based on current estimates and forecasts. Significant differences, between the Company's actual future results, financial situation, development or performance and the estimates provided herein, may occur due to various known and unknown risks and other factors. Such factors include those discussed in Holwray's public report provided on its website, www.holwray.com. No liability will be assumed by the Company for the update of these forward-looking statements or whether they conform to future events or developments.